- Children arrive and are settled into there new residence.
- They are place in carefully designed family groups.
- Nutritious meals and exercise keys to happiness.
- Environment is natural, clean and conducive to free growth.

Children’s Home
The Residence is set up to accommodate 64 with separate wings for boys and girls. Resident staff includes; Head House Parent, eight House Mothers, a full-time  registered nurse, nutritionist and maintenance staff. Each child is provided with their own space, place to sleep, closet and chest to store new clothing.

Family groups
The children are arranged in carefully designed family groups, and are organized  by degree of need assessment, (high, moderate and low), by spread of age, and by developed friendships. A lead child (older brother/sister role model) is created and an assistant is chosen.

The kitchen at the center of the home is outfitted with all the equipment needed to prepare nutritious, well balance meals for our children and staff. Meals are served family style with each group at their own table, with at least three families dining together.
The CCFT-Coron complex is built to last. Quality materials and innovative design have been combined to create a flowing, spacious complex, with nature all around. The buildings were designed to sit in harmony with the trees and open natural spaces. .



Children's Resources for Life cares for children in the Philippines through Children's Chance for Tomorrow foundation.