- Rather than strict schedule, our Children settle into “rhythm” of life.
- Full in-house medical &
counseling clinic.
- Musical and Artistic performances and regular community events.
- Multi-denominational chapel where local services are held regularly.

Each family group creates a “rhythm” (schedule), where the family moves throughout the daily activities as a group interacting with others. Each group’s daily rhythm is tailored to that family, from wake up, shower, meal, story time, school, study, etc. to provide a comfortable natural structure.

In-House Clinic
Fundamental heath regimen is carried out by professional nurses. Our Clinic is up-to-date, clean, and well stocked with medical supplies needed for individual care, emergency care when needed, and to provide daily vitamins, and medications. Each child has counseling with our social worker therapist, to treat and cure their personal trauma, and help them to overcome emotional scars.
An active life style to develop a well rounded child is essential for us. With exercise and play equipment, regular outings, and a full program to cultivate good physical, mental, and spiritual health, they are well on their way to a more balanced, secure existence. Activities are designed for fun as well as for learning. Among these activities are feeding the livestock, planting the garden, swimming lessons, and sports.
Music and Art
Self expression is key to a balanced happy life. Performing plays, skits, and original music, develops their creative talents. Art projects, painting, sculpture, and public performances help the children build self confidence, and allow them a way to connect with the local community.


God is an important part of life at CCFT. We open our chapel to denominations drawn from the local community. We respect the need for each person to choose their own faith and style of worship, so we rotate services each week. Our children also go to the Chapel on Wednesday each week, for their own bible study and sing–a-long as part of their weekly Rhythm, providing additional family time in the Glory of God. 


Children's Resources for Life cares for children in the Philippines through Children's Chance for Tomorrow foundation.