Child’s Foundation of Life Program

The Mission of CCFT as an International Boarding School is to give Orphaned, Abandoned, Neglected-Abused and Foundling Children, who came from traumatic experiences in life, a chance for a better future. CCFT hopes to accomplish this through a purposely designed system called the “Child’s Foundation of Life Program” that seeks to change the lives of the children holistically and consistently through its implementation in the school and in the children’s home.

1. School - Provides formal education and technical skills based on international standards. The Academic-Technical Curriculum is envisioned to prepare our children not only on the academics and acquire the essential foundations for college education but also equip and expose the children to the different basic skills in different occupations.

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2. Children’s Home - Provides shelter and consistent life which aims to let the children feel that they are secured, accepted for who they are, guided, discipline with love, care and a happy life. The Children’s Home tries to simulate the home and family that the children never had. This is where their character and wholeness is being formed.

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3. Chapel - Provides Christian values, moral standards and faith. Since about 90% of Filipinos identify themselves as Christians, the values being taught to the children are anchored on Christianity. The Chapel exposes the children to different types of worship, hence non-denominational. The objective is not only to expose the children to different types of worship (so that as they grow older, they will be the one to decide what church they wanted to join), but also respect other denomination or religion. To date, the chapel schedules three different types of worship: Catholic, Baptist and Born Again Christian. Christian values are also taught through Sunday School and the Christian Bible.

A well-rounded child from a holistic program means a child’s better chance for a better tomorrow!

Strength of CCFT:

  1. “Facility” – building/structures were purposely and systematically designed to help in molding the child’s character. The facility is situated in a natural environment free from harm and pollution which is conducive to a healthy living.
  2. Child's Foundation of Life Program - integrated system that molds child’s Physical, emotional-psychological, medical or holistic total child development. Trauma Therapy individually designed for each child is one of the most important factors of the program. Children who were traumatized won’t be able to function normally in life if trauma are not treated and addressed in their early childhood. Through Trauma Therapy, their mind and body can work effectively.
  3. Allows continuity and consistency on what is being taught in school to children’s home or therapy could flow from children’s home to school in teaching CCFT values.

Long Term Objective: To mold children through the satisfaction of their basic needs and improvement of their mental health so that they can become mentally healthy adults --- people who are good parents, good mates, good workers, good neighbors, good citizens!

4. Extension Program: The William D. Baldwin III Scholarship - a scholarship program established as a personal commitment by the CCFT Founder, William "Pete" Baldwin III as a caring member of the Coron community. Selected children are sponsored by the Founder to attend CCFT Coron International School (CCFT-CIS) based on their financial and academic qualifications. The program aims to recognize and to inspire other students who have shown excellence but whose parents are financially handicapped to support their studies. The scholarship also aims to sustain the interest and enthusiasm of these students in learning so that they will serve as an insppiration for others to emulate.

This is our social response to building a better tomorrow not only for those who live at CCFT, but also for the youth of the community. Education can make a difference in the quality of life of the children who are able to shape the quality of the nation. Scholars are trained in CCFT-CIS in not only in academic excellence but also in social responsibility and a life of service.




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Children's Resources for Life cares for children in the Philippines through Children's Chance for Tomorrow foundation.