- Secure funding to operate children’s home at full capacity.
- Purposed building of High School and dormitory.
- Continue to develop self-sufficiency, Green Technologies, Alternate Energy.
- Flagship Coron Facility as working model for expansion to other countries.

Full Capacity
The Children’s home is designed to accommodate 64 children in all.  One of our immediate goals is to secure the funding to support the operation at full capacity

High School & Dormitory Village
The immediate plans for the future capital improvements for our flagship facility are already in progress.  By 2009 we will construct a high school/dormitory building for the children, as our international school will accommodate education till age 14.  Also included is a boys and girl village, as this older children will need a place away from the children’s home, to begin to live a more independent life.e.

Green Technologies
We are continuously developing self-sufficiency, producing our own food on property, with ever expanding working organic gardens and fruit orchards.  Our aim is to create sustainable practices through, composting, hydroponics, and incorporating continuous planting/harvesting techniques. We will also move to alternative sources of energy as in, solar, bio fuel, and wind power generation.

Global Reach
Our future plan is to expand to other countries using our flagship facility as a working model. Our system provides a means to save life’s, and create a family structure to ensure these neglected children have all they need for a chance to work for their own future.



Children's Resources for Life cares for children in the Philippines through Children's Chance for Tomorrow foundation.