- Legal means is secured for taking full custody.
- Initial grooming and immediate treatment.
- Full medical, & dental  screening, testing, and treatment.
- Orientation to introduce their future home.

First, Children are identified or referred to us after screening through CCFT criteria. The legal means to obtain the child is processed  by social workers, in accordance with DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) for obtaining full legal custody.

Initial Treatment
Children stay in temporary drop off/processing facility for approximately 5 -7 days during initial care. Basic grooming, skin care, hair cuts and personal hygiene are completed. After preliminary mental, emotional and physical assessments are conducted, immediate treatment of illness begins.

Health Assessment
A complete medical, dental and philological workup is done. Full screening and testing to evaluate total health condition is the basis for a program that is designed to promote a future of good physical, mental and spiritual health.
The Children are shown photos and videos of there new home. They are given time to decompress from their stress filled life’s, and receive information about where they will be going, who their siblings and house parents will be, and will listen to music and videos especially designed for CCFT children.



Children's Resources for Life cares for children in the Philippines through Children's Chance for Tomorrow foundation.