- Fully funded and certified international school facilities.
- Bi-lingual curriculum with focus on international and global view.
- Education focuses on integration with community, and future leadership.
- Full scholarship programs available from several sources.

International school
We provide both our resident children and local community students with a solid, English-taught, international private school education. Every student is empowered with excellent teacher attention, vigorous academics and enriching extracurricular activities to provide each child with the tools and skills to excel in life.

Community Integration
We focus our education on a curriculum with the local community in mind. We are training the leaders of tomorrow, that will have a “global View”, and yet never loose site of where they came from, and will use what they have learned to improve and develop the local community.

Bi-lingual curriculum
Our International School teachers are certified to the highest standards and are fluent in both English and (local native language). Several teachers also have backgrounds in children's special education, music, arts and have obtained Masters in Education degrees. We currently teach preschool, kindergarten, prep, and grades 1-6. The expansion for a secondary school is slotted for 2009.
Scholarship Programs
Many parts of the world, have low and non-income residents who cannot afford a quality education. As part of our mission to assist, we heavily subsidize the tuition at CCFT-Coron private school. All donations made are also used to assist/waive our subsidized students' tuition fees unless otherwise specified by our donors.



Children's Resources for Life cares for children in the Philippines through Children's Chance for Tomorrow foundation.