- Globally there are over 100 Million orphaned children.
- Completely abandoned, with nowhere to go.
- Facing devastating life conditions. 
- Our mission is to provide a real home
Global Problem

Today, even amid the luxury and trappings of our modern world, there is a staggering number of children living in abject poverty. Without these basic necessities; family, food, shelter, and clothing there is no end to the daily struggle.  As the population grows, so does this problem.

Those who have no parents, relatives, or extended family that can provide essential care, are in desperate need. The feeling of helplessness and lack of self worth, creates a reality where there is little hope.

Life Conditions
Many of these children live on the streets, sleep on cardboard, and scavenge though the trash for scraps of food. Existence in this environment exposes them to, toxic pollution, dehydration, exploitation and disease.
CCFT Mission
Our mission is to provide a real home with the love, care, and support of a true family.  Our children learn the vital skills to gain the necessary hope, self-reliance and confidence to become responsible, compassionate adults.